Where we come from

Me and my son Cole, first started the brand around late 2019. Coley was diagnosed with Autism in 2009 at the age of 2. Over the years it became apparent that Coley was infatuated with numbers, leading to a passion for mathematics then onwards to an obsession with banking more specifically Lloyds bank and wearing their merchandise. The latter resulted with his mum scouring eBay for his much sought after choice of garment. 

After deciding to make a clothing brand where it would be cool to nickname the word Autistic as Auty, marrying it with By Nature defines how Coley feels, Nature makes us the way we are, Auty by Nature was born.

Design decisions involved having a logo that stood out but wasn’t immediately obvious of its representation towards autism awareness. We wanted to create something a little different, something that gets attention and intrigue.

After a few years of myself and Coley being the brands two top models, and receiving a lot of positive feedback, it was decided to get out into the world and help generate enthusiasm towards tolerance and then acceptance of the autistic condition.

 We decided to give back with the brand, donating 25% of all proceeds to autistic schools and Special Education Needs (SEN) departments within mainstream schools.

Kyle Murray, Founder